14-Year-Old In Sickle Cell Crisis Uses Siri To Escape Hurricane Harvey

One particular of the most terrifying things about devastating hurricanes like Harvey is that sick folks often are unable to arrive at aid.

For a number of days through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, even phone calls to 9-1-1 were not likely by. They have been overwhelmed with so quite a few requests that they requested only all those in dire emergencies to call. Sad to say, just one girl with sickle mobile anemia was even now not able to get by, and as the clock ticked by and the flood waters rose, she turned sicker and sicker.

That is when she bought a fantastic thought, and it may have saved her lifetime.

Tyler Frank is just 14 yrs outdated, and through the hurricane she suffered a sickle mobile disaster, which brought on her entire body to seize. She had a tough time having oxygen, and having by to 9-1-1 was impossible.

The h2o in her family’s home was up to her upper body, and they had to evacuate to their roof. Tyler had just a towel to guard her, but it bought damp.

That is when she commenced considering of alternate techniques to get aid. She requested Siri to join her to the Coast Guard, and it actually worked.

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