5 Common Misconceptions About Chatbots

This column is authored by Digital Marketer, Sanchit Babbar

chatbots misconceptionsSoon after storifying my previous article 5 Tweets On- Potential of Chatbots #AI, I acquired energized about this new resource. So I imagined enable me dive into this new idea. And to my perception, I had a misconceptions which are typical to all who are making an attempt to get their arms on to this new resource.

There are lots of initiatives under advancement to empower brands with #AI and one of them, Chatbots. Tech Legends have declared that AI driven solutions could be a future curse.  But for now, realize brand & entrepreneurs that they are your HERO. Specifically CHATBOTS. 

Holding aside all these eventualities and future. Let me to break some present-day false impression of Chatbots that exist.

5 Misconceptions About Chatbots

1. It’s not a Newborn

Chatbots are now 50 decades aged, Initially was Eliza 1966 then Parry (1972), Jabberwacky (1988) and so on..among all, most smart was SmartChild. Surprisingly, In 1984, a e book called The Policeman’s Beard is Half Manufactured was released, allegedly prepared by the chatbot Racter (even though the application as produced would not have been capable of carrying out so).

2. Not Related for NOW

In producing countries, most of the Fortune 500 brands, SMBs and SMEs considering chatbot can be additional later on into their digital method.

Hold on, chatbots are new distribution platform to create a hook into your promoting funnel. 

And have confidence in me chatbots are more relevant for countries like India, Africa, SriLanka, Dubai and other growing economies. Motives:

  • Flexibility in Smartphones with limited Hardware & Specifications
  • Bandwidth Challenges (Chat programs are lighter)
  • Expats.
  • Cultural Amplification. ( BOTs Teaching will be speedier and Far more Info points)

Age team 15 to 65 now can chat .. thanks to What is app

As a brand/marketer you can use Chatbot to address B2B use instances as well as B2C. In the B2C scenario, most of the consumers on Fb are passive but they are active on what is app (means equipped to chat by means of messenger ) especially age team 35 – 45+ 

Let us get an Illustration of: LensKart – one of biggest eye use omnichannel brand. If they want to reach out to an age team of 45+, can not they just allow a LensBot that will phase the admirer foundation and will converse with suitable age team with the rights choices and solutions from the catalog?

Be aware: No question I have taken a great deal of assumptions listed here of person USE Scenarios but that is how corporations guide to the answer under #DigitalTransformation. It’s a area primarily based answer and at the time we dive into specifics more can be develop up.

3. Bots are Only for Shopper Service

Wait a Moment, did not LensBot make a earnings for LensKart.com. Chatbots can be thoroughly capable of handling each and every USE scenario of today’s world, it’s just chatbot designer need to map all use instances, answer & field collectively. 

Not only client assistance, there are bots in the on the internet relationship world as well. “Fosxy”,  a Fb Messenger chatbot that connects aids you make mates.

All aboard the Kayak chatbot. Daydreaming about that up coming getaway? Daydream no more. Kayak is a Fb Messenger chatbot that lets you to browse and e book travel.

Can you e book an appointment? Meekan- Identical to X.AI, Meekan manages your calendar effectively.

Indians techies are also likely past assistant bot primarily based solution and introduced number of bots in Travel Sector and Fintech – HDFC bot “Eva” is the best instance for now.

Eva would be equipped to deal with, transactional messages , expert services, payment reminders and a lot more.

4.  Bots will Change Applications

Ignore about it. I know this chatbot thingy been started out aggressively at one of the F8 conferences by Mark. But as per present-day scenario and industry adoption, Bots will not switch apps. Yes, no question if brands want to get linked with their consumers on cell then chat route is the best way.

“If you can get people today to get your price tag benefit for granted, you’ve won” – by Sarah Tavel on person behavior and solutions adoption.

If however, the brand goes for an app then the person has to pay out price tag. Presume that  “price” in this context is the load of downloading, storing, and maintaining an app. A big component of the bot hype is that people today + brand will not have to pay out this “price,” due to the fact applying a bot will be as simple as opening a chat thread to communicate to a pal. NO Question on this.

Chatbot will not and ought to not switch apps. Applications stand for visible activities. Bots, get adoption in form of voice or textual- purely stands for conversational activities.

5. Cultural mastering & Company Sense

Do you expect an Intern who joined you a day back again will realize every little thing and carry out at their peak? Perfectly, you can expect from that chatbot but not much too soon. What human will grasp in 2 or 3 decades, we know that #AI with #NLP will make chatbots so a lot productive that they can carry out at their peak in 4 to 6 months.

Yes, equipment mastering primarily based CHATBOTS can do magic from Working day 1. They can automate your repetitive responses and conversation pace with your buyers.

What if you have set a soul into bot as well as if Chatbot is been exposed to sufficient touch level & datasets. Chatbot gets experienced with the experienced communicate with them and then they will master by by themselves.

You can surely have chatbot to realize unique culture across / phase and behavior of consumers. Delivered you have this sort of big established of audience to reach out and they are engaged with you. And Company use scenario and feeling like what, when, how and at what price tag need to be encoded by a business enterprise.

I also uncovered one more point whilst exploring for this web site that chatbots can do more, apart from automating selected conversation. But even right after getting a chatbot, you can’t forget about to set a brand tone, conversation feeling and person reach + engagement with your solutions & presents.


When you break these misconceptions and open up your digital method for the adoption of the chatbot, it will not damage your brand for now… and for now, you can enhance your ROI by introducing BOTs as an fascinating conversational distribution platform.

Appeal to more sales opportunities, conversations, more orders, keep buyers at the checkout site. Acquire details what consumers are inquiring for your business enterprise genuine time. A great deal a great deal a great deal can be done… will deal with some How chatbot analytics can help corporations in rising their income, in my up coming web site article.

It’s 50 decades aged and on Fb, we ready have 11000 bots and it’s the suitable to kind to get your business enterprise bot right now. And If you have not prepared your chatbot method, it’s a suitable time.

You can however be early adopters in India.

Is there any other Misconception that you have about Chatbots? Let us communicate about it. Would adore to link

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