Artist Uses Rake To Draw Beautiful, Large-Scale Patterns On Sandy Beaches

On visits to the beach, we have all developed mini castles and drawings in the sand. This male does the exact same, but on a much more substantial (and extra outstanding) scale.

Artist Tim Hoekstra says he grew up on the beach and certainly liked it, spending all his time there all through the summertime. Making use of materials he came across on several oceanside outings, he commenced drawing in the sand and located he actually enjoys it. Now he makes use of a rake to produce attractive performs of temporary artwork that disappear as shortly as the tide comes in.

Most of Hoekstra’s creations get up to four several hours each.

Simply because they’re washed away rather speedily, he tends to make sure to seize pictures from a bird’s-eye view.

At initially, he took photographs by mounting a GoPro on a kite and flying it overhead.

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