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Sit-ups vs Crunches

Sit Ups Vs Crunches

The Difference Between the Crunch and the Sit-up Sit-ups vs Crunches : The crunch exercises only the abdominal muscles, while the full sit-up involves both the abdominals and other stabilizing muscles – in the chest, neck and low-back as well as hip flexors and lower-leg muscles (if you hook your feet) How to do a Proper […]

Despite flood of news stories, experts warn against unneeded tetanus shots after Harvey

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Posted By Jill U. Adams is an associate editor at HealthNewsReview.org and tweets as @juadams. For health care reporters covering Hurricane Harvey, there is no shortage of issues to address, whether it’s the health hazards of polluted flood waters, unexpected insect threats (fire ant rafts, anyone?) or the long-term risks of mold growth. But there is one […]

How To Improve Precision Medicine With Machine Learning

How To Improve Precision Medicine With Machine Learning

Machine learning can be the difference between life and death. The technology, which enables computers to teach themselves, is about more than who has the world’s biggest artificial intelligence (AI) platform or how well a platform evaluates cookie recipes; it could be a tremendous boon for precision medicine, which tailors healthcare to the specifics of individual patients. Using […]

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