Woman Hides And Steals 18 Bottles Of Alcohol From Louisiana Liquor Store

Will not you hate it when you wander into a keep and know that you still left your wallet at residence?

Most men and women would either give up on browsing for the day or just operate residence to grab it, but this woman prefers her personal resourceful option — which will involve utilizing a 5 finger discount. On August 18, she walked into a liquor keep in Shreveport, Louisiana, but built it really crystal clear she wasn’t shelling out for much when she commenced stuffing bottles not only into her purse, but her bra and trousers as effectively.

No matter whether she forgot her wallet, failed to have the funds, or was preparing on thieving booze from the get-go, she undoubtedly wasn’t shy about sneaking as much liquor as feasible. Test out the safety footage under.

(by way of Daily Mail)

All in all, the woman obtained away with 18 bottles of alcohol. The Shreveport Police Section is presenting $300 for any info about the case.

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