When I first discovered about Ayurveda and the historical past behind the sister science of yoga, I used to be immediately fascinated. I knew my Doshas nearly instantly upon studying the descriptions (I’m a Vata-Pitta), and desired to study as a lot as I may about Doshas and how I may use these methods to create steadiness in my life. I’m an enormous believer that meals and way of life might be our biggest drugs, and get pleasure from consulting specialists for suggestions and strategies that I can implement in my life. 
When P was born, I reached out to pal of mine, Kristen, about writing a submit about Ayurveda. You can take a look at the complete submit on Grounding Vata right here, and the response was wonderful. I requested Kristen if she’d thoughts writing one other submit targeted on Ayurvedic diet, and fortunately, she mentioned she’d do it! Kristen and I used to work collectively at lululemon in Orlando. She’s a superb yoga teacher (who has practiced for a few years and has studied in India) and one of many sweetest, kindest individuals you will ever meet. Her pores and skin is gorgeous -I nearly creepily touched her face and requested what moisturizer she uses- and she radiates with that yoga glow that makes you need to observe just a little extra usually. 🙂 She’s the founding father of Wellblends and the creator of Your Life is Medicine: Ayurveda for Yogis. I’m so excited to share her submit with you, and hope you get pleasure from it as a lot as I do!
We are properly acquainted with dietary phrases akin to energy, proteins, carbs, fat, nutritional vitamins, and minerals- sure? Who of us has not tried a low carb weight-reduction plan, fat-free weight-reduction plan, high-protein weight-reduction plan or the like? How’d that pan out for you? Did you stick with it? Did adopting one in all these diets turn into a sustainable manner of consuming for you? Did it seamlessly mesh into your current way of life?
If your reply is “Great, I experienced all the lasting benefits I was looking for!” and “Yes, I have stuck with my low-carb/ high-protein diet for decades now.” — You’re the exception. Western diet is most acquainted to us. We’re skilled to take a look at labels to examine for caloric and fats content material. If we’re further savvy we’d even scan the label for sugar and fiber content material. But permit me to introduce you to an entire new mind-set about diet.
Ayurveda examines diet from the standpoint of qualities, tastes, and efficiency results.



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Allow me to clarify:
Every meals merchandise you eat consists of varied qualities, tastes and potencies (or temperature results). For instance: Dates are heavy, sticky, tender, candy, and barely warming. Kale is gentle, tough, bitter, and cooling. Cheese is heavy, dully, cloudy, sluggish, candy and heating. Beans are gentle, dry, astringent, and neither too heating or cooling- name them impartial. Watermelon is gentle, moist, candy, and cooling. Are you getting the gist?According to Ayurveda we need to eat meals which have the qualities, tastes, and temperatures that steadiness our mind-body structure. For the sake of simplicity, there are three primary constitutions- we name them Doshas. 
Vata sorts are typically gentle, dry, chilly, tough, and fast. Physically these individuals are typically on the thinner/small boned facet. They might have dry and tough pores and skin, hair, and nails. They love exercise. They have lively our bodies, minds, and imaginations. Vata sorts are typically artistic, intuitive, and simply excitable. Vatas are likely to have irregular appetites and digestion. They could also be very hungry some days and fully overlook to eat different days. Vats are vulnerable to expertise fuel, bloating, constipation, crucially joints, forgetfulness, anxiousness, and insomnia. 
If that is you- overlook counting carbs, proteins, fat, and the like. Ayurveda would encourage you to eat meals that assist you obtain steadiness. You ought to favor meals which are heat, moist, heavy, and oily. This might embody stews, oatmeal, dates, candy potatoes, and sizzling chocolate to get the ball rolling. As a Vata you are already supercharged with gentle, dry, chilly, and tough qualities. It is advisable for you to keep away from meals that share these qualities. What meaning…Reduce chilly meals, uncooked meals, smoothies, ‘snacky’ meals like popcorn and chips. These meals will exacerbate the imbalances you tend to frequent. 
Pitta sorts are typically gentle, sizzling, oily, and sharp. Physically, these persons are medium construct with musculature. Pittas are likely to have oily pores and skin and hair, and are inclined towards pimples and rashes. Pittas are bold. If you’re a pitta you have a pointy thoughts and shiny character. Pittas are likely to have a robust urge for food and quick metabolism. Pitta sorts have a proclivity in direction of hyper acidity, heartburn, acid reflux disorder, irritation, anger, impatience, and competitiveness. 
If that is you- skip counting the content material of sugar and fiber in your meals. Instead favor meals which are candy, bitter, astringent, and cooling. What this appears to be like like: Eat meals akin to summer time salads with loads of cucumber, sautéed  greens cooked with coconut oil, watermelon, coconuts, aloe vera juice, chickpea curry cooked with coconut milk, and yams. Try to cut back spicy and acidic meals akin to garlic, onion, tomato, orange juice, alcohol, espresso, seafood, and purple meat. These meals gasoline the fiery imbalances you have a predisposition in direction of. 

Kaphas sorts are composed of heavy, sluggish, uninteresting, sticky, and cool qualities. Physically, kapha sorts are larger boned. They are likely to have fuller hair, breasts, and buttocks. They even are likely to have larger eyes and lips. Kaphas have milkier digestive programs, to allow them to achieve weight simply. It will not be unusual for Kaphas to have mucus and congestion imbalances. The character of a Kapha is mostly loyal,relaxed and glide, however out of steadiness Kaphas might be depressed and lazy. 
If you can relate- strive consuming heat, gentle, spicier, bitter, and astringent meals. I’d suggest you eat numerous soups, roasted veggies, beans, and sautéed greens. Use warming spices like ginger, black pepper, and cayenne. Astringent fruits akin to berries and apples are good for you. It can be advantageous for you to skip heavy meals like massive parts of meat, cheese, pastas, and deserts. These meals will result in weight achieve, mucus build-up, and fatigue in a Kapha kind structure. 
Ayurveda invitations us to make use of our kitchen as our pharmacy cupboard. By adopting a few of these primary ideas you will discover a optimistic impact on your bodily and psychological health- for one can’t be separate from the opposite. Our mind-body system is a interconnected system. To illustrate: When vatas really feel too gentle bodily their nervous system is fast and fidgety; in such, their thoughts is fast and fidgety. When pittas really feel too sizzling physically- their pores and skin is heat and they sweat, likewise their feelings are hot- they expertise impatience and irritability. When kaphas really feel heavy bodily their our bodies really feel dense and sluggish to move- as do the minds; they really feel unmotivated with a need to sink into sofa potato mode. 

Ayurveda grants us treatments in a cup: Vatas, drink golden milk or chamomile tea. Pittas, drink coconut water or aloe vera juice. Kaphas, drink ginger tea with a pinch of cinnamon and clove.
I hope you get pleasure from dabbling with these ideas. Enjoy what’s on the tip of your fork and the underside of your mug- for it is your best drugs. 

Kristen Schneider is a global yoga instructor and Ayurveda Practitioner. She is the creator of Wellblends, natural merchandise for self-care and creator of Your Life is Medicine: Ayurveda for Yogis. Her merchandise and guide is offered on Etsy and She is main a Ayurveda/Yoga retreat in Ogunquit Maine this September! Please go to to study extra!
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