Drummer Andrew Fleming is back with his latest video game drum cover. Fleming, who performed on Islander’s summer tour with Korn, Stone Sour, and Skillet recently, rips the Destiny 2 song “Battle Stations” in the new video.

If this video looks a little different than Fleming’s past work-which has included multiple Destiny 1 songs, Pokemon Green/Blue, and Sonic’s Green Hill Zone-there is a good reason. Fleming recruited a new producer, Mason Bayne, for this newest video. Fleming wrote and performed the music, while Bayne recorded and mixed the audio, and also filmed and edited the video. Some of my favourite bits are the open high-hat sequences, along with the fills (1:24 stands out), as well as all the double bass, of course.

If you want to see Fleming make more videos you can support his Patreon or buy merch here. You can check out all of Fleming’s videos on his AF Drums YouTube page.

In other news about Destiny 2, the game comes to PC on October 24. You can see the final minimum and recommended requirements here, along with the exact unlock times. Additionally, players looking for a new challenge are in luck, as Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid is adding an ultra-difficult Prestige mode this week, following a delay.



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