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You maybe wondering what is the difference between YMAIL and YAHOO? or YMAIL is same as YAHOO?

difference between ymail and yahoo

Well YMAIL is all Yahoo mail and it all uses the same mail interface. The further domain names of YMAIL and ROCKETMAIL were opened up so that consumers would have more of a chance to acquire their email address of selection. There is basically no difference between YMAIL and YAHOO and yes YMAIL is same as YAHOO.

Being as Yahoo has been supplying free email since 1997 and contains over 200 million users, the majority of new users find it challenging to make an account without having some ridiculous speech with a bunch of amounts added to it.
By opening up the YMAIL domain name, this provides new users a chance at getting an email address for example their first name, last name or whatever address they choose.


Yahoo Mail, the leading provider of Web-based e-mail, is allowing users sign up with the Yahoo - login and Yahoo - login domain names in an effort to attract new users and retain existing ones faithful.


  • YMAIL and YAHOO are same but difference names.
  • YMAIL uses the same interface and YAHOO.
  • YMAIL and ROCKETMAIL are the products of YAHOO network.
  • YMAIL provides users a chance to get unique email address.
  • YMAIL is as secure and Yahoo so there is no need to worry about.

The transfer is aimed to assist people find a better email address, stated John Kremer, vice president of Yahoo Mail. “We want customers to acquire the specific email account they need so that they stay with us for life,” he said.
Since “[email protected]” is probably taken by today, plenty of people need to resort to disagreeable and hard-to-remember addresses for example “[email protected]” Yahoo would like to provide people a new opportunity with a name they like.

YMAIL is a potential end (domain name) to get an email address from Yahoo. Yahoo introduced YMAIL as an alternative and alternative to a Yahoo email address in June 2008.

To respond to your question, a little bit of background is needed.
Yahoo & Hotmail were among the first free email providers that have started sometime around the summer of 1996.
They began offering free email addresses globally sometime in late 1997. Consider that for a moment. Globally. The world population subsequently was approximately 6 billion people. (For comparison sake, in 2017 … it’s about 8 billion)
It is with no wonder that it became full of email addresses, together with Hotmail. And eventually, so lots of usernames, numerous titles, so many numbers… the combos were unlimited to make one new email address.
For example, in 1998, it can have been quite simple for you to locate [email protected] as your email address.
Try doing this now. You’re going to need to come up with at least 15 creative variations of your name to be able to receive an email address that’s “available”. And when that happens, you are going to end up with an awful looking, [email protected]


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