How To Test Your Microbiome At Home Without A Doctor

If you might have been a Wellness Mama reader for very lengthy then you recognize my story and that it took me 7 years and eight docs to lastly determine I had Hashiomotos and begin to discover solutions. I do know first hand how tough it may be to get testing, even whenever you assume you would possibly know what’s fallacious.That’s why I’m enthusiastic about rising analysis and revolutionary new corporations which are working to deliver complete testing to our properties. The better part? No physician or blood take a look at required!

Personalized Medicine: The Future of Health?

If you heard the current 100th episode of The Healthy Moms podcast, you recognize that I strongly really feel that there’s not a single good food regimen that works for everybody or a complement that can repair all of your issues. We all want sleep and group and sunshine, however the remainder could be very personalised primarily based upon every particular person’s wants.What works splendidly for one particular person could make another person really feel worse. I really feel nice once I take a lot of magnesium. Some individuals expertise low blood strain from taking it. I don’t really feel good if I eat a lot of carbs. Some individuals really feel wonderful on a comparatively excessive carb food regimen.At the top of the day, we every have to determine the meals, dietary supplements and life-style components which are greatest for us.But how?We can do testing like 23 and Me, which reveals our genes. This is useful, however most of us aren’t geneticists and don’t know what the outcomes imply. I do know I’ve MAO-A and an MTHFR mutation, and thanks to analysis I’m in a position to make some dietary adjustments primarily based on this, however the analysis remains to be new. They additionally solely present half of the image.

Gut Metatranscriptome & Microbiome Analysis

I’m tremendous enthusiastic about a new form of testing that permits us to have a deeper image of what’s taking place contained in the intestine. We’ve all heard the research in regards to the significance of the intestine and the way it impacts each single facet of our lives, and now we are able to truly get a glimpse of what’s taking place contained in the intestine and understand how to affect our personal intestine surroundings.

Microorganisms Rule our Body

There are trillions of microorganisms in your intestine. About 40 trillion to be actual. We have extra bacterial cells than human cells and these micro organism drastically have an effect on our lives on a every day foundation.These organisms assist us digest meals, produce useful or dangerous chemical substances, management infections by pathogens, regulate the immune system, and even management feelings (ever have a intestine feeling?).Studies persistently hyperlink these microorganisms – which make up your intestine microbiome –to many continual circumstances, together with diabetes, weight problems, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, coronary artery illness, psoriasis, lupus, and even autism. Basically, if we would like to be wholesome and comfortable… our intestine micro organism wants to be wholesome and comfortable too!

The Science of Microbiome Composition

Every residing organism produces RNA molecules from their DNA.Tests like this one sequence the entire RNA in stool (poop), to determine and quantify the entire residing microorganisms within the intestine (micro organism, viruses, bacteriophages, archaea, fungi, yeast, parasites, and extra) on the species and pressure degree.The finish consequence?A extra in-depth view of your intestine microbiome than has ever been accessible earlier than. Instead of simply micro organism and parasites, we are able to now sequence RNA within the intestine. The nerd in me is so enthusiastic about this know-how, however even in case you aren’t within the science, I feel you’ll be enthusiastic about how know-how like this will enhance all of our lives!

The Function of Metabolites In the Gut

Identifying the microorganisms in your intestine is vital, however understanding their operate is what lets us use them to our benefit.This is as a result of the microbes in your intestine produce 1000’s of chemical substances, referred to as metabolites, that have an effect on your general wellness. Some of those metabolites are useful to well being, resembling B-vitamins and quick chain fatty acids. Others might be dangerous, resembling Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), which is linked to coronary artery illness.

Gut Microbiome Testing to Improve Health

Analyzing the genes that microbes specific lets us determine which metabolites they produce. This helps decide their function in your physique’s ecosystem. But all of that isn’t useful whether it is simply knowledge. When we perceive metabolites, we are able to additionally perceive how to have an effect on them with meals, liefstyle and dietary supplements to change the intestine micro organism.This is the primary time we now have the power to fine-tune the operate of intestine microbiome. This helps reduce manufacturing of dangerous metabolites and maximize the manufacturing of useful ones.The metabolites in our intestine give us a shortcut to know what to eat and what to take to enhance wellness within the quickest means attainable.

How to Test Gut Microbiome at Home

Now for why I’m so excited… about testing poop!Until just lately, most intestine testing price 1000’s of and had to be ordered via a physician. Testing additionally supplied an incomplete image of intestine well being and used the previous 16S technique of sequencing.The 16S technique analyzes the micro organism within the intestine, however as I confirmed above, that is an incomplete image. To absolutely analyze the micro organism, viruses, bacteriophages, archaea, fungi, yeast, parasites and different organisms, a extra full testing is required.

Viome: Gut Testing in Your Own Bathroom

That is till a firm that just lately emerged modified all that. Viome is a new firm that makes use of a complicated type of testing to analyze intestine well being and supply personalised suggestions of dietary supplements, food regimen and life-style components.Viome does a specialised type of testing referred to as metatranscriptome sequencing. It seems to be on the RNA, metabolites and the deeper image of the intestine.Here’s the way it differs from the previous 16S technique:

What Viome Gut Tests Reveal

Viome seems to be on the intestine in all of the methods I simply defined. It additionally does a metabolic intelligence take a look at (that you are able to do from house). This helps you gauge your blood sugar, insulin ranges, stress responses and extra by urine pH, saliva pH, blood sugar, coronary heart charge and different metrics.I simply accomplished the Viome take a look at and can now be doing the take a look at on all of my children.

Here’s How the Test Works:

Order the take a look at package from Viome right here.Viome sends you a take a look at package to your property.You full the take a look at at house (don’t fear… it’s simple!).Then you mail your poop to Viome (sure, actually) and file your metabolic ends in their app.A number of weeks later, Viome gives personalised evaluation of your intestine and suggestions to show you how to enhance continual circumstances, really feel higher, and hold your intestine microorganisms comfortable.

Become a Citizen Scientist…

I’m so enthusiastic about this and different rising know-how that helps us all do our personal analysis. With each continual illness on the rise, these are issues we want to handle straight away. Companies and exams like Viome assist us perceive our personal personalised wants in a means that helps us enhance our lives in a drastic means.

How to Avoid the Waiting List

Viome is a new know-how, utilizing superior testing developed at Los Alamos Lab (that was initially a part of nationwide safety). It has develop into so widespread so rapidly that they’ve a lengthy ready checklist. I met their founder, Naveen Jain, at a current well being occasion and he agreed to let Wellness Mama readers skip the wait checklist.Learn extra about Viome and skip the ready checklist at this hyperlink.I’ll be sharing my very own private ends in a observe up publish quickly. I’d love to hear your ideas… what do you assume?More Research & Why I Care:Gut well being is intricately tied to all features of well being. If you’re within the science and rising connection between intestine well being to general well being, listed below are a few current research for additional studying:Are you as enthusiastic about this new know-how as I’m? Ever tried any at-home exams like this earlier than? Weigh in beneath!



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