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Is This Common Food Additive Safe?

From the sound of its title, it’s most likely no shock that propylene glycol is an artificial chemical. (It’s really the principle ingredient in antifreeze!) And though its security is questionable, it’s an extremely frequent meals additive that the FDA considers “Generally Recognized As Safe” (together with synthetic meals dyes).Have you ever seen propylene glycol on a vitamin label and questioned, is it protected? Me too, and right here’s what I discovered!

What Is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene glycol is derived from petroleum and is a viscous colorless, odorless substance with a candy style. Food makers worth it for its capability to maintain a substance moist, keep texture, and blend with nearly something (oil, alcohol, and water). Because of those properties and since it’s usually acknowledged as protected, it has turn into a standard meals additive in processed or ready-made meals objects.Processed meals objects containing propylene glycol are sometimes meals that require thickening, emulsifying, or stabilizing properties. These embody:Salad dressingLiquid synthetic flavoringIce creamArtificial sweetenerIcingSoft drinksSoupsPuddings and dessertsSauces and dipsPropylene glycol can also be typically added to physique care merchandise, cosmetics, and medicines.

Is Propylene Glycol Safe?

The security of propylene glycol is dependent upon the dose and particular person susceptibility. So it’s doable that in case you are 100% wholesome, publicity to small quantities as soon as in a blue moon may be okay.Unfortunately, when individuals devour the processed meals listed above, they normally devour a large quantity regularly, which is certainly not wholesome.

Physiological Side Effects of Propylene Glycol

Consumption of propylene glycol has many recognized results … listed below are the biggies.

Acidifies the Blood

Propylene glycol absorbs in a short time within the small gut with peak ranges detected within the blood about an hour after ingestion. It can also be rapidly eradicated (nearly 50% of what’s consumed is left after four hours).About 55% of that is metabolized into lactic and pyruvic acids, whereas the remaining is eradicated by the kidneys (supply).These lactic and pyruvic acids make the blood extra acidic. At low doses, the kidneys can instantly re-balance the blood alkalinity. But increased doses of propylene glycol can acidify the blood, injure the kidneys, and trigger toxicity. This is why constant consumption in giant quantities is a foul thought.In a big sufficient quantity it could actually acidify the blood to the purpose that it requires emergency medical care. There are a number of case stories, together with within the New England Journal of Medicine, when sufferers injected with psychiatric medicine containing propylene glycol had been proven to rapidly develop acidosis that may trigger a coma and kidney failure. Propylene glycol toxicity can even lead to related signs to sepsis or extreme inflammatory response syndrome (supply).While it’s doable to attain this dosage stage by ingesting it, this response is usually solely reported when it’s administered at a really excessive dose of over ~2 grams (supply).

Contributes to Leaky Cells and Leaky Gut

Like cleaning soap, propylene glycol is a surfactant, which implies it could actually break the barrier between fats and water. Our cell membranes are made with skinny layers of fats molecules, which may be simply disrupted by surfactants like propylene glycol.Pharmaceutical firms capitalize on this property by mixing or chemically binding drug molecules to propylene glycol to extend the drug absorption fee (supply). This is the case for each medicine which are taken orally and topically.Cells uncovered to propylene glycol turn into extra permeable to different molecules (supply). (This is why the protection of e-cigarettes containing propylene glycol along with nicotine and cancer-causing substances could be very questionable).Currently, there is no such thing as a examine that instantly assessments whether or not propylene glycol causes leaky intestine and the inflammatory well being issues brought on by the leaky intestine. However, in a take a look at tube examine, propylene glycol even at low focus destroyed some intestine cells (supply).Those who wrestle with leaky intestine, autoimmune illnesses, or digestive points, could need to think about avoiding propylene glycol for these causes.

Increases Risks of Childhood Allergies & Asthma

And if that’s not sufficient, it could have an effect on our children as effectively.As a unstable natural compound (VOC) emitted from constructing supplies, furnishings, paint, carpet and the like, propylene glycol can worsen the immune system. In a examine evaluating the results of propylene glycol and glycol ether vapors within the air on preschool kids’s well being, the authors discovered that the presence of such chemical substances in a baby’s bed room air is related to:1.5-fold elevated dangers of asthma2.Eight-fold elevated dangers of allergic rhinitis (hay fever)1.6-fold elevated dangers of eczema (supply)A very good air air purifier may help take away airborne chemical substances and is a superb thought in any sleeping house.

Irritates the Skin

Propylene glycol has been reported as a pores and skin irritant that may trigger dermatitis, an eczema-like rash (supply). When added to pores and skin, physique care, and beauty merchandise, it could actually actually worsen pores and skin issues. (Ironically, it’s typically an ingredient in topical medicines to deal with these pores and skin situations! How does that make sense?!)

When to Avoid Propylene Glycol

Some persons are extra delicate to the negative effects of propylene glycol than others. Those who’re usually cautioned to keep away from it are:People with liver or kidney issues, as a result of the liver and kidneys are accountable for eliminating propylene glycol and its byproductsPregnant ladies, infants, and infants as they’ve decreased capability to deal with these kind of substances (supply)People with inflammatory well being issues as a result of it could actually irritate cells and trigger leaky intestinePeople with digestive issues as a result of it is going to additional irritate the intestine cellsFortunately, it’s doable to keep away from and/or cut back your publicity to as a lot as doable.

How to Avoid Propylene Glycol

Unfortunately, this additive is in numerous frequent merchandise, so it takes some diligence to keep away from it! A number of suggestions:

Avoid Processed Foods

The greatest solution to keep away from meals harmful substances similar to propylene glycol is to eat home-cooked meals nearly all of the time. Fake substances should not essential to make meals scrumptious. It is feasible to switch the results of these kind of components with different, pure substances, similar to gluten-free starch or gelatin as a thickener or stabilizer.

Read Labels and Buy from Trustworthy Brands

Always test the labels of your meals substances and different family merchandise for propylene glycol and its synonym, propane-1,2-diol.I like to make use of manufacturers that by no means put such harmful substances of their merchandise, like Primal Kitchen for mayonnaise for sauces and dressings.

Check Your Skincare, Body Care, and Home Care Products

Propylene glycol is in every single place in typical merchandise that individuals placed on their pores and skin each single day. Not solely that, these pores and skin merchandise typically comprise different poisonous chemical substances that can be extra readily absorbed by means of your pores and skin as a result of it makes your pores and skin extra permeable.Instead, depend on natural merchandise or make your personal magnificence merchandise as an alternative.

Use Air and Water Purifiers

Despite greatest efforts to keep away from propylene glycol in meals and different merchandise, publicity continues to be doable within the air or water in your house. Good air flow (together with opening home windows to air the home out), a very good air air purifier in sleeping rooms, and a water filter for consuming and bathe water are vital.We’ve tried a number of filters over time and I’ve given my overview of the most effective air and water filter choices we’ve discovered.Have you ever had a response to propylene glycol? Which meals components do you say “no” to for your loved ones? Please share with me within the feedback!

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