Be sure to Observe: the information beneath was published back when Litecoin mining was profitable. I endorse my 6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Guide as it is much more not too long ago current (2017) and makes use of newer graphics card and establish options. Joyful Mining!


I’m writing this on April 1st, 2013 April Fools Day! Some people look at crypto-currencies to be Fool’s Gold. Here’s a story that paints some irony into this considered. Final evening, I traded around 75% of my bitcoin forex (I come to feel like it is a peaking bubble, but who appreciates?) for Litecoin when it was trading at a USD equivalent of 79 cents. As I publish this initially submit, the price of Litecoin in US forex is $1.89 (around a 2x appreciation in price). But, sufficient on my personalized ordeals with this new sort of forex. In this article is the mining hardware I use to mine for bitcoins and litecoins utilizing the newest info on GPU mining available.

Be sure to Observe: if you’re wanting to establish a person of these bitcoin/litecoin mining rigs for by yourself, make sure you use the Funds Litecoin Mining Rig Guide or 4x 7970/7950 Litecoin Mining Rig Guide as a substitute of this listing, due to the fact a number of of these components are now overpriced or no for a longer period available. This was my initially rig, so I have opted to leave it up for reference and as component of my litecoin mining journey. Thanks!  – Josh

Mining Hardware Build List

  • Situation –  $0  –  Who requires a case? The finest personal computer case for coin mining is no case.
  • PSU  –  $209  –  Seasonic X-1250 80Additionally Gold Licensed Electric power Offer Device
  • Motherboard  –  $180  –  MSI AM3 Motherboard 890FXA-GD70
  • CPU  –  $70  –  AMD Athlon II X4 Socket AM3 Processor (a tiny overkill, but improved for reuse/resale)
  • GPU’s  –  $280/EA  –  4 Radeon 7950 Graphics Playing cards (these are on sale for only $300 + $20 rebate = $280)
  • RAM  $35  –  4 GB Corsair DDR3 RAM
  • HDD  $0  –  Had an old SATA laptop push kicking all over
  • Further Cooling  –  $30  –  Box Admirer (seriously, this is the finest cooling for an open up rig mining procedure)
  • OS  –  $0  –  Home windows 7  (I have a Microsoft once-a-year membership)
  • Observe, Mouse and Keyboard (to install the OS and configure the mining software package)

Total Price tag :  $1,765 for a 2.2 GH/s Custom Mining Rig

Putting it all Collectively

  1. Unbox and Unwrap all components
  2. Set up CPU on to motherboard
  3. Insert RAM into slots
  4. Set up all GPU playing cards guaranteeing sufficient airflow concerning playing cards for warmth dissipation
  5. Connect really hard push to motherboard by way of SATA cable
  6. Plug in all important power provide plugs (never forget the GPU’s.. people guys require power!)
  7. Connect crossfire cables daisy-chaining the GPU’s with each other
  8. Connect mouse, monitor and keyboard and an online relationship (I utilized a USB WiFi adapter)
  9. Examine all connections at the time much more
  10. Fire it up! Set up the OS if needed. Set up Graphics card motorists. Set up mining software package. Make positive supporters are undertaking their position. Fire up the mining software package. Get wealthy! 🙂  Alright, that very last component may not take place, but hey, this is a passion suitable?

Photograph of Quad 7950 GPU Mining Rig

In case you’re curious about that white object higher than the playing cards, it is an O2 Neat Portable Admirer that forces air concerning the very crowded playing cards.


In this article is some of the reasoning behind the possibilities I produced though developing this mining rig:

  • All areas can be sold / reassigned for other makes use of must mining come to be unprofitable at anytime in the upcoming.
  • The GPU’s ended up chosen for their charge-to-hashing ratio. There are surely quicker playing cards out their, but the top quality isn’t worthy of it IMHO. Also, top rated close playing cards are likely to depreciate quicker (kind of like autos do).




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