No Man’s Sky’s huge universe was a part of its preliminary enchantment. You would go from planet to planet, fully alone, discovering and naming issues alongside the way in which. For some gamers, that was too desolate, so that they banded together to make the Galactic Hub, a portion of No Man’s Sky that acted as a house base. After the newest replace, these established commerce routes, farms and bases turned unrecognizable. So, the neighborhood leaders of the Galactic Hub needed to discover a new house for his or her adventures.

The Hub That Was

According to participant 7101334, the founding father of the Galactic Hub, it was alleged to be a spot the place No Man’s Sky gamers might settle into an organized neighborhood. The targets of the mission have been to create a spot within the enormity of No Man’s Sky the place gamers would have acquainted landmarks, so they might get began with a bit extra of a information. Scott, additionally identified by his deal with UniDestiny, mentioned over the cellphone that the very first thing each participant would see once they obtained to the hub was the Lennon star system, which is the designated entry level into the Hub for all gamers. “Everybody posts a pic of getting there, and going down on the planet,” he mentioned. “For some of us, it took a long time to get there.”

“Near” and “far” are relative phrases in a recreation like No Man’s Sky. Some gamers may spawn very near Lennon, whereas different spawn very removed from it. No matter the gap, nonetheless, becoming a member of the hub was an energetic alternative, and required some legwork to get there. Warping into Lennon after which visiting the capital planet, Drogradur, was a proper of passage for gamers who grinded their option to the hub.

When you made it there, what you’d discover was an organized, useful neighborhood to welcome you. Against all odds, the Hub managed to domesticate over 5,000 passionate gamers who positioned and marked helpful gadgets for incoming gamers, like multitools and ships, and even arrange neighborhood farms that everybody might have a tendency, harvest and use for commerce. If you determined to leap into Lennon and be part of the hub, you’d know that you simply have been becoming a member of an actual, working civilization that would web you not simply good instruments and many credit, however individuals who would present you the ropes and perhaps even turn out to be your mates. Then 1.three got here, and issues modified.

What They Lost

The 1.three replace, also referred to as Atlas Rising, was mainly a story overhaul. It gave gamers a number of issues they needed—higher steering on ships, working portals, and overhauled graphics. 1.three additionally made changes to the biomes of planets, in addition to how animals have been generated, which meant that planets might change in a single day. The members of the Hub have been confronted with totally completely different planets and techniques post-update. AndyKrycek6, a moderator on the Galactic Hub subreddit, mentioned that the farms he used to go to are actually inaccessible. Every day, he used to have the ability to go to 4 farms made by different gamers and harvest their Nip Nip, which is principally simply “a smelly plant,” he says. Each buying and selling put up, present in Space Stations or randomly generated spots on planet, has a distinct financial system the place sources are price completely different quantities of in-game models. For a very long time, promoting Nip Nip to NPCs was very worthwhile. “Travelling to those techniques every day offered me with the wealth I’ve in the present day in NMS,” he mentioned. “They no longer exist as either the [player] has moved on or the update ruined their bases.”

The dependable landmarks of the Hub have now additionally modified, in addition to the natural world. “Our capital planet, Drogradur … turned into a frozen wasteland after a long time as a tropical beauty,” 7101334 mentioned.

Drogradur’s Portal, put up 1.three. Source: A_Imma

7101334, who can also be the main professional on animals within the Galactic hub, or the Lead Exozoologist, additionally mentioned, “We assume the mighty Caesarus, largest fauna species ever found in No Man’s Sky, has gone extinct.” Planets that have been have been scanned previous to the replace will nonetheless record these crops and animals as dwelling there should you verify the in-game found species, however 7101334 and different members of the hub merely haven’t seen a Caesarus because the replace hit.

Post replace, the Hub was simply unrecognizable. “My base sat within shouting distance of two trading posts, a portal, different kinds of cool rock formations. I thought it was a great place and I was excited to continue into 1.3 from there,” Scott mentioned. “The reset turned it into a barren planet with completely different geography. That was the most disappointing thing, just seeing that this place I had gotten to know very well was just gone.” But slightly than dwell on the issues they’d misplaced, Scott, 7101334 and their compatriots determined to make a daring transfer into the long run.

The Galactic Council

In response to these adjustments, 7101334 fashioned a Galactic Council. Scott, also referred to as UniDestiny, instructed Kotaku over the cellphone that, “It’s just a fancy name for a group of people that have been in the hub for a while and know the direction it’s going, and where it’s been.” Finding a brand new area wasn’t the arduous half for them. “We mostly looked for a nearby region which resembled our home region the … Rentocnii Conflux,” 7101334 mentioned. AndyKrycek6 known as what they have been on the lookout for a “Tree” formed galaxy. “The old Hubs’ stars formed what looked like a huge tree like structure, which made it very distinct in the galaxy,” he mentioned. “If you start from the bottom of the ‘trunk’ and work your way up it narrowed and bloomed into a cloud of stars, like the leaves/branches of a tree … As so many [players] were used to this structure we decided to find a similar, if not exact, set up.” Here’s the Rentocnii Conflux, with the tree form loosely outlined:

Very shortly, council members obtained hooked up to a area known as the Shungka Void. From there, a number of members of the council scouted out techniques and planets and despatched photos again to the remainder of the council, who have been all head down within the logistical work of getting ready new techniques and databases for a neighborhood of a number of thousand folks.

In talking to the members of the Galactic Council, you may really feel such as you’re speaking to a futuristic area authorities. Logistically, the transfer took a number of work, particularly when it comes to creating a new wiki for the Hub from the bottom up. The Wiki was a worthwhile useful resource for gamers, obsessively catalogued with each discovery. In order to maneuver, they’d need to replace this useful resource for the Shungka Void. The individuals who got here collectively to do this included Scott, a No Man’s Sky cartographer who made maps of the celebs to assist gamers navigate area; Seamonkey420, who wrote a script to assist gamers fill out Wiki pages, because the Wiki must be completely rebuilt; pahefu, who has made an app to transform glyphs into planet coordinates; and naturally Hub founder 7101334. There are 19 people in the Council, and so they spent per week collectively remodeling outdated techniques and getting ready the neighborhood for the transfer. It was a fast-paced, passionate Discord group. “It would take about 5 mins to catch up if you went away for an hour,” Seamonkey420 mentioned. Scott instructed me that between the council and his full time job, he wasn’t sleeping a lot.

Because No Man’s Sky is a recreation that’s nonetheless in flux, the council tried to create techniques that may develop as the sport continued to be up to date. It wasn’t battle free—there have been disagreements over how new planets ought to be named—however the council was in a position to full the transfer six days sooner than anticipated by working collectively, in response to 7101334.


Over this previous weekend, the Galactic Hub had a celebration to say goodbye to the outdated Hub, which they now seek advice from because the Legacy Hub. Players would journey to the previous capital planet of Dragradur, go away messages for different gamers, and use the portal there to leap to the brand new system. They inspired streamers and YouTubers to return to the occasion, and in these movies you’ll be able to see that the world is flooded with messages from different gamers:

Scott described this as bittersweet. “We really enjoyed the stuff that we’d done in the old hub, but we’re excited to start things in the new place,” he mentioned. “A lot of this was sort of experimental, to get an idea for what we were doing and now we can do it really right the second time.” The dialog felt somewhat like speaking about graduating from school. “The best part of the last update was the photo mode… I’ve got this huge album of everything I’ve explored and everything I’ve done,” he mentioned. “The method we deal with it’s approaching it from that perspective. Yeah we did that, nevertheless it’s gone now. Now we get to do it once more, on this new place.

More than unhappiness or nostalgia, these council members are very excited to see their new techniques in motion, discover new natural world, and make new bases. 7101334 hopes that this transfer will assist the Galactic Hub neighborhood flourish right into a type of Renaissance, the place the Galactic Hub can have a stronger sense of id.

“I would like the Galactic Hub’s to develop extra of a tradition, for the [players] and the areas and the techniques to have extra particular identities.” he mentioned. “An extension of the category system can be themes for every area. For instance, since I’m the Lead Exozoologist and Chancellor of Shungka Void, Shungka Void is “The Fauna Region”. Since 57Dynasty is the Lead Economist and Chancellor of Marmor Spur, Marmor Spur is “The Prosperous Region.’” In rebuilding the Galactic Hub, he hopes that it’s simpler to grasp for newcomers, who will flock to areas that go well with their playstyle finest.

By now, all gamers from the Legacy Hub ought to have moved to the Shungka Void. There’s a number of work to do, together with discovering and voting on a brand new capital planet the place new Hub members will land once they first be part of up (AndyKrycek6 says that Diplos, the fan favourite lengthy necked animals much like the dinosaur Diplodocus that additionally inhabited the outdated Capital of Drogradur, “are a must”). The council members are assured that the transfer was price it. “Change has come and I’m mostly just excited to change the Hub with it,” 7101334 mentioned. “It was a lot to coordinate and intimidating initially, but now that the framework is set it’s mostly just exciting to see the entire civilization rebuild itself, better than ever before.”



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