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Birds are some of the only animals that can choose up on and replicate human speech.

They are not wonderful orators or anything, but fowl house owners can usually teach their pets to say a couple of phrases. I even knew anyone the moment whose parakeet picked up some very profane language from Tv set!

Most people do not have normal get in touch with with domesticated birds, however, so you may possibly not get to working experience this phenomenon to start with hand. Enter Fabio and Gabriel, ringneck parakeet brothers whose discussions are mainly the most lovable matters ever.

Observe as they repeat phrases like “What are you doin?” and make kissing noises at one a further to present their annoyance and passion. They are just like human brothers!


I’ve got to acknowledge, which is very amazing. I’d dangle out with these two any day. Their convo sure beats “Polly want a cracker!”



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