I am drained of meme. These tweets. I am drained of being caught in the tangle of their lies.

It’s been a unusual calendar year, total of huge and small horrors, has not it? If you commit a good deal of time on Twitter, you might have seen individuals utilizing a photo of all-powerful superhero Dr. Manhattan with a dialogue box to convey how much they want to disengage with the mania. Here’s the matter: that panel does not essentially appear in Watchmen.

I examine Watchmen A Great deal in college or university, to the level where by it still feels like particular sequences are still seared into my mind some 20-odd decades afterwards. Each time I observed that “tired of Earth” panel arrive down my timeline, it gave me purple ass. A little something about it—mainly the lettering—didn’t smell suitable. I know I’m receiving previous but, damn it, I also know that I know Watchmen. Could I be remembering it improper?

When my co-employee James Whitbrook dropped the picture in team chat, I couldn’t hold it in any more:

Luckily, Katharine Trendacosta transpired to have a copy of the seminal graphic novel by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins close at hand. And, guaranteed sufficient, there is not any dialogue in the panels where by the previous Jon Osterman is looking at the stars or sitting down on a rock.

Graphic: DC Comics

Nonetheless, lines incredibly equivalent to the types in the well known meme picture do appear in the initial comics, just not when Dr. Manhattan is on Mars:

The altered text in the web-remixed picture essentially will come from the Watchmen film:

This has been—for me, at least—a unusual phenomenon, simply because it’s been a single of people circumstances where by a crowd-driven usage situation created me doubt my possess memory in excess of and in excess of yet again. The tides of social media wash in excess of us all so much each individual day that it threatens to switch folks’ possess encounter. But, for now, I can still belief my possess mind. Not time for grownup diapers yet!



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