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It is difficult to consider that just a number of many years in the past, one thing as straightforward as piercing your ears was largely frowned on.


Currently it would seem like there is a piercing for just about every component of your body. With so lots of solutions, prolonged gone are the days of the classic solitary ear piercing. And normally, 1 atypical kind of piercing is having the world by storm. Superstars these as Miley Cyrus and Scarlet Johansson are acquiring their helixes pierced.

But what accurately is a helix piercing? Properly you are about to come across out.

A helix piercing is described as any piercing produced to the upper ear cartilage.

While most men and women opt into acquiring a solitary piercing along the outer upper cartilage, a brave number of are acquiring many piercings in the exact same location.

These piercings are recognised as a double or triple helix.

Factors get even much more confusing based on what component of the cartilage you have pierced. If you stick to your upper cartilage all around to the entrance of the ear, then your piercing is recognised as a ahead helix.

No make any difference the area, all helix piercings demand the exact same care.

Unlike other piercings, a helix piercing can acquire any place from 3 to six months to heal.

The care for a new helix piercing is very equivalent to other piercings. The use of a saline solution and cotton balls is your most effective choice for staying away from infection.

One important thing to recall when acquiring a helix piercing is not to twist or improve out the jewelry until the location has wholly healed. Failure to do so can outcome in serious infection or rejection of the piercing.

But no make any difference how thorough you are with retaining your helix, bacterial infections can continue to transpire. Examine out what transpired to this weak woman. (Be warned that it really is pretty nasty.)

(Through Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan)

As neat as the helix piercing seems, knowing my luck, one thing would go wrong and I would close up searching like this lady. Do you have a helix piercing? Share your own piercing experiences in the opinions area.



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