It truly is not quite often that you see a reside chicken devoid of any feathers at all, but for the proprietors of these lovebirds, it truly is a normal, each day sight.

Lemon and Indi from West Palm Seaside, Florida, are a quite specific pair, not only simply because they share a close bond with just about every other, but simply because they equally have psittacine beak and feather condition, a exceptional and ultimately fatal affliction that has prompted Lemon to become wholly bald. Mainly because the condition is extremely contagious, Lemon has to be retained in isolation — but she’s under no circumstances on your own thanks to Indi.

Lemon made use of to have a complete established of feathers, but as her condition progressed…

…she unfortunately misplaced them all.

But she’s satisfied in the caring hands of her owner, Fabiana Guagliardo…


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