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Coworking spaces and IoT — what could possibly go wrong?

The IoT and coworking spaces have a lot in common. Both need to strike a careful balance between forging accessible yet secure connections...

It sounds as though the NBA may eventually set up shop on Amazon

Search for New York Knicks jerseys on Amazon and you’ll find a mishmash of results. Some Porzingis jerseys. Some jerseys for Derrick...
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Gardening Just Got A “Smart” Boost

AVA Byte is smart, counter-top garden to give you the freshest herbs and veggies to enjoy every day. The system includes “plant pods”, complete...

Who Will Build the Health-Care Blockchain?

There are 26 different electronic medical records systems used in the city of Boston, each with its own language for representing and sharing...
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What does GDPR European Union law mean for your business?

Today’s consumers are more powerful than ever before, and get every bit of information that they can before they make a purchase. The...

This Russian-designed token wants to tackle crypto-volatility

In this Blockchain era where technology promises to digitize virtually any type of assets, the emergence of gold-backed tokens comes as no surprise.The concept...

Verizon Is Booting 8,500 Rural Customers Over Data Use, Including Some on ‘Unlimited’ Plans

Photo: APVerizon has decided to abruptly cut off wireless internet to some 8,500 rural customers in 13 states, saying their heavy data use had...
Atlanta Att Current

AT&T and GE’s Current partner to build smart city solutions in Atlanta

In an announcement timed with this year’s MWC Americas, the city of Atlanta is receiving an Internet of Things (IoT) boost, in the form...
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Crunch Report | Patreon is raising a Series C at $450M

Patreon is raising at a $450 millon valuation, Chrome mutes autoplaying videos and Hulu is spending $2.5 billion for original content. All this on...
Centralcolo Element Critical

Element Critical to go after data center acquisitions

Data center provider CentralColo has announced a comprehensive rebranding, starting with a name change. It is now called Element Critical and will be...

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