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Electroneum Review | New Mobile based Cryptocurrency

Welcome to my Electroneum Review! There has been a lot of buzz over this new ICO which is going public next month 1 November 2017. Most people have no idea what cryptocurrency is all about or how it works.

This tells me one thing. It’s just the beginning and I truly believe 2018 is going to be an incredible year in cryptocurrency. The biggest gains are still to come, because this idea is at a “tipping point” … it’s just starting to go mainstream.

What is Electroneum?

Electroneum is a leap forwards in the accessibility of cryptocurrencies. We are raising funds to further develop Electroneum via a crowdsale token sale.

    Electroneum represents a vast leap forwards in the ease of use and accessibility of a cryptocurrency.
    The ease of use and availability of Electroneum opens up an enormous market of 2.2 billion smartphone users.
    Electroneum is being developed by an awesome team of developers and engineers with a proven track record of success.

We have developed a cryptocurrency that is aimed at the 2.2 billion smartphone users around the globe.

what is Electroneum


We have an app that allows you to manage your online funds by sending and receiving payments with the convenience of simple QR code scanning but it goes into completely new realms by offering the user a cryptocurrency mining experience, without the technical knowledge or specialist hardware that is required for Bitcoin or Ethereum mining.

Electoneum: Easiest Cryptocurrency to Manage

Cryptocurrencies are so hard to come by! The barriers to entry for most people are too large. Complex software, GPU Mining rigs, sending personal identification to strange websites.

Electroneum makes it easy to access and use a super secure cryptocurrency that has all of the benefits of Bitcoin and more. Transactions in Electroneum happen faster and are more anonymous. Did you know that anyone with your public Bitcoin wallet address can see how many bitcoin you have, and your entire transaction history? Electroneum protects your transaction history and wallet contents from prying eyes, whilst leaving publicly accessible transaction hashes available for the technically discerning to authenticate transactions.

Download the Electroneum app and you can experience mining your first Electroneum coins straight into your wallet in minutes!

Super Secure – Unhackable Offline Wallets

“Googling” for Bitcoin Hack or Ethereum Hack will find you dozens of stories of stolen cryptocurrencies. We’ve developed an OFFLINE wallet that is 100% secure. You can create as many offline wallets as you like (free) and transfer the bulk of your Electroneum to those wallets.

They are literally impossible to hack.

If you imagine every grain of sand in the world as a lottery – the odds against someone gaining access to an Electroneum offline wallet is the same as them winning every single one of those lotteries AT THE SAME TIME.


What Makes Electroneum Different?

How is Electroneum different from the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies on the market today? Why should you use Electroneum instead of bitcoin, Ethereum, or any altcoin? Here are some of the unique selling points raised in the Electroneum whitepaper:

The coin has a maximum total supply of 21 billion, “which will mean transactions have only two decimal places and have a ‘real money’ feel that bitcoin lacks. You know how when you send a small amount of bitcoin and it looks like “0.0001264”? Electroneum plans to offer a more approachable, understandable transaction amount by having a total supply that’s significantly higher than bitcoin (bitcoin has an expected total supply of 21 million).

Electroneum wallets are designed to be easily manageable on any smartphone. Coins can be generated by a unique mobile miner running as a background activity on your device.

The currency enables fast micro-transactions, and Electroneum can easily be transferred between different games, apps, and users.

Electroneum relies on its own purpose-built blockchain – unlike many other cryptocurrencies, which are based on existing blockchains like Ethereum. Electroneum’s blockchain is based on the original bitcoin source code. The company has been developing the blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2016.

Team behind Electroneum

  • Richard Ells
  • James Atkinson
  • Dean Cole
  • Adam Atkinson
  • Ben Whomsley
  • Costin Cristoi
  • Robert Hopkins
  • Terry Hunter 
  • Imogen Dale
  • Michael Wiltshire
  • Natalie Hayon
  • Barbara Southwell

Electroneum: Financial Status

what is Electroneum

Electroneum Conclusion

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency built on the original bitcoin blockchain. The company claims to have already developed a wide range of technical products – including a mining system that can be run from your PC or smartphone to generate currency from your unused processing power.

The Electroneum ICO is taking place throughout September and October. You may want to wait for more technical details about the project to appear online, or proof that any of the products have already been developed. However, if you don’t mind the risk, you can gain bonuses of up to 50% by participating in the Electroneum token sale early.


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